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Would you like to contribute to improved food production, sustainable agriculture while using your creativity, know-how and skills? Research company KeyGene offers a great place to work for graduates in applied sciences. It’s in the very heart of crop innovation research and has partners from all over the globe, both in business and in the academic world.

In KeyGene’s crop innovation research, technology is crucial in different ways. First of all we develop new technologies and approaches, optimally using knowledge from science and industry. Second we want to apply the best technology available in carrying out our research, thus maximizing our impact.

KeyGene employs graduates from technical studies in fields like digital phenotyping, genomics and bioinformatics. They have been involved in many of the breakthroughs achieved by the KeyGene team and the inventions made & innovations developed at KeyGene.

Working in a research company like KeyGene offers great opportunities to team up with clients and other partners, in order to support them optimally. And when working in an internal R&D project, our employees actively contribute to future successes of the company.

KeyGene was founded by plant breeding companies in 1989. It now employs more than 150 people, in the Netherlands, USA and India.

Your hosts in Keygene’s booth during ASconnect

During ASconnect, you can ‘meet’ Tiny Swemers and Erik Toussaint. Of course they would like to introduce themselves.

Tiny Swemers

My name is Tiny Swemers, senior HR advisor at KeyGene in Wageningen. I joined KeyGene in the 90ies, during the company’s pioneering phase, together with 14 enthusiastic colleagues in research. Since then I have been able to  learn and grow with(in) the company that nowadays has 140 employees, main office in the Netherlands and affiliate in the US and India. In my role I contribute to the human side of the company and I am happy to answer your questions about e.g. “the way we work”, about internships, job profiles and competences, career opportunities, sustainable employability, KeyGene Learning Academy. Just challenge me with your question!

Erik Toussaint

My name is Erik Toussaint. I am senior communication officer at KeyGene. I am trained in both plant sciences and communication. I am passionate about crop innovation research and technology, and about telling the world about it. From 1990 till 2018 I have been communication officer at Wageningen University & Research. In July 2018, I joined KeyGene. My activities focus on advice and implementation in corporate branding, press relations, employer branding, marketing communication and internal communication. I’d love to share my own experience and enthusiasm on working at KeyGene with you, and discuss your career possibilities at KeyGene.

Who we hire

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