Seed Valley

Seed Valley

A smart way to grow.

The world is changing fast

It is therefore essential that we keep developing and renewing plant varieties and cultivation methods. We face major challenges:

  1. Climate is changing
  2. The battle against plant diseases never stops
  3. Plant breeding is a data puzzle
  4. Preferences vary by customer and country
  5. The world population increases fast
  6. Developing new flowers is a true art

These challenges are great. In order to keep producing enough healthy vegetables for everyone, we need higher yields that require less acreage, energy, fresh water, and minerals to grow. The question is: What will you do?

This is what we do…

Seed Valley is the home to dozens of innovative companies that are worldwide leading in developing better plant varieties. Our seeds are spread all over the world. Did you know that more than half of all the vegetables in the world have their origins in Seed Valley?

Over 4000 employees work in Seed Valley on a daily basis to improve vegetable- and flower crops. Here ‘green software’ is developed, the genetic programming that determines how vegetables taste, the color and size of a flower, and a plant’s level of resistance  to diseases. This work never stops.

The Seed Valley companies have over 300 new vacancies a year. Check our currrent career opportunities.

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