Scientific Volume Imaging (SVI)

Scientific Volume Imaging, the makers of the Huygens software.

About us

Huygens Software is developed with the firm belief that reliable image processing is key in understanding the true nature of microscopic objects. For more than 25 years, we collaborate with expert microscopists around the globe to promote best imaging practices, and to further improve the user-friendliness and quality of our light microscopy software.

Together with our extensive online documentation and high level of personal support we strive towards the highest standards of scientific quality, thereby contributing to a community of researchers united in their devotion to pursue truth and knowledge. Huygens software supports researchers in a variety of fields that strive to improve health for large groups of people.

Examples of the research fields that use the Huygens software are Neuroscience, Immunology, Virology, Cancer Research and Plant Biology. The Huygens software accommodates researchers from these fields with a reliable solution that improves the quality of their research and enhances the image processing speed. In addition to promoting best imaging practices and high standards of scientific quality, the Huygens software has a strong underlying social aspect that aims to support researchers around the globe in their quest to solve the health related questions of today.