“People Drive Technology”

About us

We are an international high-tech company, comprised of Employeneurs with more than 30 nationalities who provide services to customers all over the world. We excel in research, development and engineering.

TMC is a unique collection of self-starting, highly skilled and almost self-employed technical professionals. Our unparalleled Employeneurship model offers engineers from all backgrounds the comforts of employment and the opportunities of entrepreneurship. This makes for a challenging, stimulating environment that you are welcome to explore.

Make an Impact

As an employer and partner in the high-tech industry, we are aware of our impact on the lives and careers of our Employeneurs and on the performance of our clients. To do the best we can, we follow, contribute to and invest in topics that matter on industry level as well as organizational and personal level.

Who we hire

For ambitious, entrepreneurial professionals, TMC has a standing invitation to come and work on our challenging and innovative projects. Some of the listed vacancies reflect the general qualifications and skills required by typical TMC customers. Others are specific, and outline the skills needed to fulfil a particular customer’s project requirements.

Check out TMC’s career page for all current vacancies!

TMC’s Workshop at ASconnect online 2020

My Choice: Research or Design Engineering?

  • Meet TMC. Who are we, what do we do?
  • We call ourselves Employeneurs. What entrepreneurial attitude does TMC expect from you?
  • And what do you want to be?
  • Discover if you have a profile for research, or as a design engineer.
  • With some examples we show how a career can look like.